40+ Legal Ways To Watch Movies And TV Online

Many of us love the convenience of watching TV shows and movies in the privacy of our own homes. While video stores may have gone the way of the dinosaur, and we don’t always have time to watch our favorite shows when they are broadcast, the internet has given modern viewers a ton of options for what to watch—all right at the tip of their fingertips. Whether you want to watch the latest blockbuster movie or the old TV show you grew up with, there are plenty of perfectly legal—and easy—ways to watch both movies and TV online but they will cost you either time or money.

In the past years there has been controversary over movie and tvshow piracy with alot of countries and ISPs cracking down on other ways which they deem not legal to watch tv shows and movies online. For the user who dosent want to use those sites which fall in the grey area but want a legal safe solution; below is a list of all the available services you can use.


Even though this website has only be around for a year…there’s soo much to watch already. Even better…everything is free! (In exchange for about one minute of commercials). You’ll be able to watch most of the NBC, ABC, and FOX TV shows on this site in high quality. They even have full length movies available too, but these tend to be on the older side.
Netflix is the most popular streaming service right now with the largest database of content and the highest amount of customer subscriptions compared to any other service. Netflix has a bunch of inhouse directed tv shows also which are making huge debuts and becoming very popular without having to air on television. Netflix signs new licensing deals every month so each quarter you are guaranteed to get some new titles.
Amazon Prime is the next best thing to Netflix. It has its own inventory of movies and tv shows including there own in house developed tv shows which are exclusively available on there platform.
If learning is your thing…then this is one great website to visit. Frontline has created some of the best exposes on popular culture and politics in our time. Check them all out here.
In addition to downloading popular movies, you can also sign up for plans that let you receive actual DVD’s through the mail or in Blockbuster stores. I like the fact that I’m able to exchange my rentals in-store so I can get a new DVD right away…without waiting by my mailbox.
Another website like Hulu or Joost that offers 100% free streaming movies and TV shows. They also offer a couple TV networks that the other sites don’t offer, most notably…Comedy Central.
Cinemanow is nice alternative to Netflix or Blockbuster All Access. Here you’ll be able to download or rent streaming movies instantly with just a couple clicks of your mouse. They have a very nice collection of both popular movies and indies.
There’s enough (kid friendly) cartoons on this website to keep you entertained for as long as you can handle. Although I was kind of sad not to find any of the Adult Swim content (especially Futurama or Family Guy) there are a bunch of great cartoons available that I remember from my childhood.

A really cool website that is still currently in public beta. It looks just like the TV Guide channel on your TV…except you can choose any program and play it on-demand instantly. There are some great syndicated TV shows playing 24 hours a day.

I found the minisode, TV classics, cartoon classics, national geographic, and discovery channels the most interesting. On those channels, I got to watch shows like; Popeye, MacGyver, Who’s the Boss, among many others.

Although this might be the most specific video website on this list, it’s definitely worth mentioning. There’s 12 seasons worth of free streaming south park episodes available right now!

I really wish EVERY TV show did the same thing as the south park people do. It would really make it easier to enjoy all the shows out there.

Here’s a complete list (as of publication) of all the legal alternatives out there’

Streaming Free
Movie Rentals

ABC: dynamic.abc.go.com
Boys & Girls Club:www.bgcavideostore.com
CBS: www.cbs.com
Comedy Central:www.comedycentral.com
CW, The: video.cwtv.com
Discovery, Animal Planet, TLC:video.discovery.com
Disney: disney.go.com/dxd
Fox: www.fox.com/fod/index.php
FX: www.fxnetworks.com
IMDb: www.imdb.com/features/video
Lifetime: www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows
MTV: www.mtv.com/ontv
NBC: www.nbc.com/Video/rewind
Parent Teacher Association:www.ptavideostore.com
PBS: pbskids.org/go/video
TNT: www.tnt.tv/dramavision
WB: www.thewb.com

Jaman: jaman.com
MovieFlix: www.movieflix.com
Movielink: www.movielink.com
Netflix: www.netflix.com
Vudu: www.vudu.com
Zune: www.zune.net/en-US/entertainment/videos
Café DVD: www.cafedvd.com
DVD Avenue: www.dvdavenue.com
Redbox: www.redbox.com


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